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4.5 stars | 352 reviews
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Fun Facts!

Marc Wegman started cooking at 14 years old, mostly out of necessity because his parents didn't cook, and he and his 4 brothers had to eat. Born and raised in New Orleans, his heritage naturally drew him to Cajun cuisine, and he became curious about different ways to prepare food and how to play with various flavors. This childhood hobby led him to pursuing a culinary degree from Delgado Tech and ultimately landed him in one of the most famous restaurants in all of New Orleans. Marc spent a decade in the 80s and 90s with the Brennan Family Restaurants, namely Commanders Palace, Mr. B's, and Brennans New Orleans. Marc worked as a Sous Chef for Chefs Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Shannon, and more, many of whom he lists as his role models. Learning from the best of New Orleans, Marc developed a passion for food and the restaurant business that would serve him well later in life.

Cajun Slang

  • Lagniapppe (Lan-Yap): A Little Extra
  • Fais do do (Fay-dough-dough): Cajun Dance Party
  • Laissez les bon temps rouler: Let the Good Times Roll
  • Dressed: How a Po'Boy is ordered
  • Holy Trinity: Onions, Bell Pepper, Celery
  • Pirogues (Pee-Row): Cajun Boat, a narrow Canoe
  • How's Ya Mom'N'Em: How is your family
  • Papa Noel: Santa Claus
  • Envie: Hunger, longing to eat
  • Mudbugs: Crawfish
  • Makin' Grocieries: Going to the super market
  • Picayune (Pic-ee-yoon): small, being nit-picky
  • Praline (Praw-leen): brown sugar and pecan candy patty
  • Fixin' to: Getting ready
  • Alligator Pear: Avocado
  • Gallery (Galll-rreeeee): Balcony,walkway outside of homes on 2nd floor
  • MY-Nez: Mayonnaise
  • Pass a good time: Have a good time

N'Awlins Fun Facts

  • Parish - Lousianna has 64 of them, what other states call Counties
  • Shotgun - A narrow, rectangular style of house without hallways.
  • Crescent City - the Mississippi River bends in a crescent shape as it passes through New Orleans Parish.
  • Fleur de lis - French for lily flower, the badge of France
  • King cake - A ring-shaped cake made of a cinnamon roll-like dough, topped with purple, green and gold sugar, with a tiny plastic baby inside. Whoever gets the baby has to buy the next king cake
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the world's longest bridge

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4.5 stars | 352 reviews
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