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Chef Marc Wegman

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Marc Wegman started cooking at 14 years old, mostly out of necessity because his parents didn't cook, and he and his 4 brothers had to eat. Born and raised in New Orleans, his heritage naturally drew him to Cajun cuisine, and he became curious about different ways to prepare food and how to play with various flavors. This childhood hobby led him to pursuing a culinary degree from Delgado Tech and ultimately landed him in one of the most famous restaurants in all of New Orleans. Marc spent a decade in the 80s and 90s with the Brennan Family Restaurants, namely Commanders Palace, Mr. B's, and Brennans New Orleans. Marc worked as a Sous Chef for Chefs Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Shannon, and more, many of whom he lists as his role models. Learning from the best of New Orleans, Marc developed a passion for food and the restaurant business that would serve him well later in life.
In the early 90s, life changes forced a career shift and a move to Atlanta, where Marc worked with his brother in a corporate environment until 2008. During this time, Marc's passion never faded and when the economy forced him out of that career, Marc returned to his first love – Cajun food. In 2009, along with a partner, he opened Adele's Cajun Cuisine in Roswell, GA. In 2017, they moved Adele's to Canton Street in downtown Roswell and the restaurant thrived. In 2021, the partnership ended, and Adele's closed, freeing up a perfectly good restaurant space in a prime location. Marc seized the opportunity to become the sole proprietor and is opening Wegman's Bayou Louisiana Kitchen in January of 2022.
Marc's new restaurant will feel familiar, but new. Upscale, but relaxed. And always authentic. The food will always be fresh from Louisiana and if he can't get it, it won't be on the menu. Specials will truly be special – fresh and in season. From start to finish of every experience at Wegman's, his goal is that each customer will feel his passion through the food and the service. He will be visible most nights, mingling about and sharing stories from the Bayou, explaining dishes, and talking Green Wave, Tigers and Saints football with his guests. The most important lesson he took from Commander's is the idea that you are only as good as your last meal, so every experience is more important than the last one and every guest is a VIP. He also treats his staff like family. He knows they won't always be around, but he wants to play a part in their growth and development as people.
Marc's hobbies include riding his Harley, shopping for anything, interacting with people, and spending all day perfecting his crawfish bisque. He's learning to love being home with his family and he's got a big, charitable heart. He's helped raise over $1 million for Cystic Fibrosis and is hoping to start his own foundation in the future. About the future, Marc says, "It's so much more than a restaurant. It's love. It's an experience. It's an extravaganza."

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